"The Sails of Borollos” selected for screening at :

7èmes Rencontres de l'Image - Le Caire (2011)
Festival du Bateau Classique de Montréal (2011)
9ème Festival du Film de vidéo archéologique d'Athènes (2012)


Trapped between the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Borollos is one of the last refuges of traditional fishing practices. Here, in this shallow, lagoon-like lake, large sail boats employ a rudimentary trawling technique. The boats, strong and swift, sitting low in the water, are unique of their kind with a hull that is specially adapted to the particularities of the lake and the fishing conditions. Their over-sized lateen sail makes full use of the constant winds. This short film accompanies the fishermen onto the lake to examine their fishing techniques and follows the construction of one of these increasingly rare craft from the setting of the keel to its launch.

a film by Raymond COLLET, written by Patrice POMEY

production : CNRS (USR 3134) - Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines

22 minutes - © 2010 - CNRS / CEAlex

distribution : Editions Harpocrate - 15 rue Mansard - 72000 - Le Mans

• camera : Raymond COLLET - André PELLE

• still photography : André PELLE - Patrice POMEY

• translation and narration : Colin CLEMENT

• editing : Raymond COLLET


CEAlex 22’ AI05EN

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