A Second Life for Ancient Coins”
selected for screening at :
Festival du Film Archéologique de Besançon

Festival du Film Archéologique de Besançon (2005)
Festival du Film Scientifique de La Réunion (2006)
Festival du Film Archéologique de la Bidassoa - Irun (2007)
Festival du Film Archéologique Agon - Thessalonique (2006)
Festival du film Archéologique de Eugene - Oregon (2007)
Festival du film Archéologique de Nyon (2007)

Winner of Jury Special Mention - Irun 2006

The Franco-Egyptian team of the Centre for Alexandrian Studies under the direction of Jean-Yves Empereur has been undertaking a series of salvage excavations both on land and undersea over the past ten years and more. If one is interested in the coins discovered during these digs, one will also be surprised by the number of different stages that are involved in the process of identification and study. From the moment of discovery on the site, a coin will pass through innumerable pairs of hands and be scrutinised by a multitude of eyes from initial registration to its ultimate storing place. The archaeologist, the restorer and the numismatist all have their role and all are searching for answers.

• directed by Raymond COLLET

• Production : CNRS (USR 3134) - Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines - 13’ - © 2007 - CNRS / CEAlex

• Distribution : Harpocrates Publishing - 9, Sesostris Str., Attarine, Alexandria, Egypt

• photos : André PELLE, Thomas FAUCHER, Ashraf HUSSEIN, Stephane COMPOINT

• text written by : Julie BONOPERA

• translation : Colin CLEMENT

• narrated by Renee GIAN

• music : Cello Expressivo - (ed. » The Music Bakery” Hazem SHAHIN (‘oud)

• camera and editing : Raymond COLLET

• special thanks to : Hanna TAWFIC, Camelia GEORGES, Fatma MAHMOUD, Mona SHAHIN, Riham ESSAM, Amira FAWZI, Lamia SAMIR, Leila NABIH, Mervat SEIF EL DIN, Thomas FAUCHER, Olivier PICARD, Marie JACQUEMIN, Francis CHOEL, Jeanne-Paule MAURY, Renee GIAN, Pandeli M. GLAVANIS, Antoine DELAUNEY, Michel WUTTMAN, Aude et Katell QUERRE,
Graeco-Roman Museum, Shallalat’s staff, The French Lycée in Cairo


CEAlex 13’ MA04EN

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