«Yvan’s Masterpiece» selected for screening at :

Festival du Film Scientifique de La Réunion (2006)
Rassegna del Cinema Archeologico de Rovereto (2007)
Festival Internacional de Cine Arqueológico del Bidasoa, Irun (2007)
Agon - International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the
Mediterranean Area, Thessaloniki (2006)
The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival
Eugene - Oregon (2007)
1st Archaeological Film Festival – Cracow (2010)

Winner of

Prix d’encouragement at La Réunion 2006
Best Animation, Best Inspiration at Eugene, Oregon 2007

The Franco-Egyptian team of the Centre for Alexandrian Studies under the direction of Jean-Yves Empereur has been undertaking a series of salvage excavations both on land and undersea over the past ten years and more. In May 2005 Yvan presented his masterpiece to the Compagnons Passants and graduated as a journeyman. According to the traditions of these craftesmen his new name is Tenacity of the Camargue, Honest Journeyman, Stonemason of Duty.To prove his abilities and to be accepted as a Compagnon du Tour de France, Yvan Vigouroux, stonemason with the Centre for Alexandrian Studies, must produce a master work. He has chosen to create an element of Islamic architecture, a mihrab.
While leading us through the different phases of this venture – research, computer generated design, carving of the stone and, finally, the assembly of the mihrab – he reflects upon the job of a stonemason and the meaning of the apprenticeship.

• directed by Raymond COLLET
• Production : CNRS (USR 3134) - Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines - 13’ - © 2007 - CNRS / CEAlex
Distribution : Harpocrates Publishing - 9, Sesostris Str., Attarine, Alexandria, Egypt
• photos : Marine ESTRANGIN - • 3D animation : Yvan VIGOUROUX
• translation & voice-over : Colin CLEMENT
• camera and editing : Raymond COLLET
• music : - Nihavend Ilâhî - Nezih UZEL and Kudsi ERGUNE - compact disc extract «Turkey, Sufi Music» - with the kind authorization of the label INEDIT - Maison des Cultures du Monde
- The Muezzin Call - Munir JABRY, naï flute
- Improvisation - Hazem SHAHIN, ‘oud
• Special Thanks to Yvan VIGOUROUX - Marine ESTRANGIN - Philippe BASTIDE - Jeanne-Paule MAURY - Renee GIAN - Pandeli M. GLAVANIS - « L’Atelier » Association - Dr Mohamed DELIM - Imam Abdel Amin Mansur OMRAN - Emad SELIM - Mohamed NABIL - Mahmud FATHI

transpCEAlex 13’ MA05EN

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