The different stages in the manufacture of royal furnishings and ceremonial masks completely covered with tiny glass beads are followed by way of interviews with Paul Tahbou, court artist, and Ambroise Flaubert Taboue Nouaye, director of the Museum of Civilisations of Dschang. These objects, very much part of the Bamileke region and especially of the Kingdom of Bandjoun, are the fruits of a long tradition that has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years.



deux tetesune tete


        • a film by Marie-Dominique NENNA, directed by André PELLE
production: CNRS (USR 3134) - Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines

13 minutes - 16:9 - © 2013 - CNRS / CEAlex

Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines

camera: Marie-Dominique NENNA, Jean-Yves EMPEREUR
        • still photograph
y: Marie-Dominique NENNA, Jean-Yves EMPEREUR

        • narration and translation: Colin CLEMENT editing : André PELLE


CEAlex 13’ AI07EN

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